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ForumDiscussions : How can an inventory compiler ensure that the estimates are free of biases?

Technical resources for implementing the measurement, reporting and verification arrangements under the Convention and the enhanced transparency framework under the Paris Agreement.
How can an inventory compiler ensure that the estimates are free of biases?
27.05.2020 By Tugba Icmeli
27.05.2020by Tugba Icmeli
• The biases in the estimates of emissions by sources and removals by sinks can be minimized by following good practice.  IPCC defined good practices as “In order to promote the development of high-quality national greenhouse gas inventories a collection of methodological principals, actions and procedures were defined in the previous guidelines and collectively referred to as good practice. The 2006 Guidelines retain the concept of good practice including the definition introduced with GPG2000. This has achieved general acceptance amongst countries as the basis for inventory development and says that inventories consistent with good practice are those which contain neither over- nor under-estimates so far as can be judged, and in which uncertainties are reduced as far as practicable.”
• Following the collection of good practice guidance procedures as you apply 2006 IPCC Guidelines in choosing methods, applying QA/QC, etc. (including data and other key parameters like emission factors) will help ensure that you reduce uncertainties and biases over time.
• Please see: Introduction Chapter to 2006 IPCC GL: