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ForumDiscussions : Please elaborate the difference between the QA/QC and Verification.

Technical resources for implementing the measurement, reporting and verification arrangements under the Convention and the enhanced transparency framework under the Paris Agreement.
Please elaborate the difference between the QA/QC and Verification.
27.05.2020 By Tugba Icmeli



27.05.2020by Tugba Icmeli
​QC (qualitycontrol) refers to the routine checks that inventory compilers apply anddocument to ensure data integrity, completeness and consistency. Forexample, general checks are applied throughout compilation steps to ensurethere are no transcription errors with data or documentation, datareferences are included, and there are also category-specific checkssuggested in the 2006 GL that compilers may use.

QA (qualityassurance) refers to application of review procedures to the inventory byexperts not directly involved in the compilation of inventory estimates.

Verificationinvolves checking estimates with independent data, such as comparingestimates using other data sets, or comparing estimates by applying loweror higher tiered methods in 2006 IPCC guidelines.

You can refer to Volume 1, Chapter 6, of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for more completeinformation, including definitions and descriptions of the types ofprocedures included under each topic.