Roster of Experts


The UNFCCC Roster of Experts contains information on experts, who are nominated by their respective Governments through the National Focal Points of the Parties under the UNFCCC, to contribute to a number of processes mandated by the COP, CMP, CMA and the subsidiary bodies. These processes, among others, include the reviews of annual submissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and supplementary information under the Kyoto Protocol submitted by Annex I Parties, reviews of national communications and biennial reports submitted by Annex I Parties and technical analysis under the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process of biennial update reports (BURs) submitted by non-Annex I Parties.

In addition, nominated experts to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts contribute to the technical assessment sessions of proposed forest reference emission levels and/or forest reference levels for the implementation of the activities referred to in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 70 (REDD-plus), submitted on a voluntary basis by developing country Parties.

To be able to implement activities mandated by the COP, CMP, CMA and the subsidiary bodies, the secretariat continuously invites Parties to the Convention:


  • To nominate new experts to the UNFCCCC Roster of Experts;
  • To regularly check, and, where necessary, update the information on experts already nominated to the Roster of Experts;
  • To remove experts from the Roster of Experts who are no longer available to cooperate with the secretariat.


These updates are performed by the National Focal Points, or roster custodians designated by the respective National Focal Points. 


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