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News : ICA Implementation Update

Technical resources for implementing the measurement, reporting and verification arrangements under the Convention and the enhanced transparency framework under the Paris Agreement.
ICA Implementation Update

Technical analysis of five further Biennial Update Reports was conducted.

The eleventh round of the technical analysis under the existing MRV framework for developing countries was held in Bonn, Germany, from 20 to 24 August 2018. Two teams of technical experts (TTE), one in English and one Spanish, conducted the technical analysis of five Biennial Update Reports (BURs) – three BUR2 submitted by Armenia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Uruguay, and two BUR1 submitted by Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
Over the next nine months, the TTEs, in consultation with the Parties, will prepare the summary reports for each of those Parties analyzed. The information will capture the findings of the technical analysis, including capacity-building needs, aimed at enhancing the transparency of information reported in Parties’ BURs. Once published on the secretariat’s website, the reports will serve as input to the multilateral facilitative sharing of views process for these Parties.
Since the launch of the process in 2015, 57 BURs have been analyzed by a total of 152 experts, and 47 of these summary reports have been published.
A recent survey of Parties that have participated in the BUR technical analysis process shows, that the experiences and lessons learned from the BUR technical analysis process are significant in helping Parties prepare for their subsequent national reports. The interaction between the Party and the technical experts are very effective and the guidance received from the secretariat throughout the process is sufficient and helpful.
From the process management perspective, the secretariat strives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process through the development of both IT-and non-IT tools that aim to support the technical analysis process, as well as through enhancement of training activities and training material.
See further information on the technical analysis process.
Two teams of technical experts, one in English and one Spanish, conducted the technical analysis of five Biennial Update Reports.