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Technical resources for implementing the measurement, reporting and verification arrangements under the Convention and the enhanced transparency framework under the Paris Agreement.




While R does require some knowledge of programming and therefore may not be considered as easy to use as Excel, there is a huge amount of information available online on how to use it (google “R Cran” or “R statistics”). There are also a number of free courses available that will teach you how to use it. That being said, to our knowledge, there is no ready-made 'R' script specifically designed to run Monte Carlo for our purposes.
(Anna McMurray, Winrock International)


'R' is open source but we do not know programming. Is there any ready-made 'R' script or any suggestion to use 'R'?


Created at 29/05/2018 16:36 by Novita Syaputri
Last modified at 29/05/2018 16:36 by Novita Syaputri