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NS-124 - Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for Low-carbon Urban Development in Kazakhstan


NAMA Seeking Support for Preparation

  • A Overview
    • A.1Party
      A.2Title of Mitigation Action

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      A.3Description of mitigation action

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      The Project supports the identification, design, and implementation of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the urban sector. NAMAs, consisting of investments in infrastructure supported by capacity building, awareness raising and technical assistance, will contribute to achieving the country’s GHG emission reduction voluntary target while improving urban services and the quality of life of citizens in Kazakh towns and cities. The project is the first effort in Kazakhstan to adopt a comprehensive approach to reduce GHG emissions in cities.

      The project will

      • Improve the capacity of municipalities to carry out integrated municipal planning, make targets and prioritize urban mitigation actions (Component 1)
      • Support the creation and strengthening of institutional structures that will allow public and private sector investments in identified infrastructure and technical assistance (Component 2)
      • Provide facilitation of financing of urban NAMA through creation of a dedicated fund (Component 3)
      • Piloting of an urban NAMA in the Prigorodnoye district of Astana through investments in modernization and upgrating of the urban infrastructure (Component 4)
      • Linking the project with the national GHG mitigation efforts, including through standards, rules and procedures for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV), promoting better information dissemination to stakeholders,  and linking the NAMA process with the domestic Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) for industrial emitters


      A.6Type of action

      A.7Greenhouse gases covered by the action

  • B National Implementing Entity
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      UNDP is one of the lead agencies of the GEF to implement enabling activities and capacity development activities related to climate change mitigation. In Kazakhstan, UNDP has supported the country in developing its First and Second National Climate Change Communication to the UNFCCC and is currently supporting the Government for the preparation of the Third National Climate Change Communication. This UNDP / GEF Project is fully aligned with the following UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and UNDP Country Program Action Plan (CPAP) outcomes and outputs:

      • UNDAF Outcome for 2010-2015: Environmental Sustainability. By 2015, communities, national and local authorities use more effective mechanisms and partnerships that promote environmental sustainability and enable them to prepare, respond and recover from natural and man-made disasters.
      • CPAP Outcome:  The Government, industries and civil society take steps to adapt to climate change and mitigate its impact through energy efficiency measures and climate change adaptation policies.
      • CPAP Output: Government and energy consumers are better equipped with knowledge, policies and pilot cases on energy efficiency in sectors with high carbon dioxide emission levels.
      .Globally, this project falls under UNDP Signature Program 3 “Access to New Finance Mechanisms” which is aimed at promoting new approaches to leveraging finance for climate mitigation projects and programs, such as sectoral crediting, CDM PoAs and NAMAs. Proposed project is one of a series of similar initiatives UNDP is designing/implementing across the world focused on NAMAs in energy generation/end-use sectors, such as the similar projects in Peru, Azerbaijan, Tunisia.
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  • C Expected timeframe for the preparation of the mitigation action
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  • D Currency
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  • E Cost
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      E.1.2Comments on full cost of preparation

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      Full cost of preparation include all categories of costs: capacity building, technical assistance and the cost of required external expertise to prepare and justify the NAMAs. Following the NAMA development, the Global Environment Facility will contribute 5.93 mln US$ for the implementation of the NAMA.
  • F Support required to prepare the mitigation action
    • F.1.1Amount of Financial support
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      F.1.2Type of required Financial support

      F.1.3Comments on Financial support

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      F.2.1Amount of Technical support
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      F.2.2Comments on Technical support

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      F.3.1Amount of capacity building support
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      F.3.2Type of required capacity building support

      F.3.3Comments on Capacity Building support

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  • G Relevant National Policies strategies, plans and programmes and/or other mitigation action
    • G.1Relevant National Policies

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      The Government of Kazakhstan is requesting support for the definition, design, and implementation of NAMAs in the urban sector with the objective of achieving the country’s voluntary GHG emission reduction target. While the Kazakh Government is negotiating Kyoto Protocol Annex B inscription, the country took the voluntary quantitative commitments to reduce GHG emissions by year 2020 by 15% over a 1992 baseline. 

      Relevant national programs include:

      The Energy Saving Program-2020 (Program 2020)
      The Comprehensive Energy Saving Plan for 2012-2015 
      Programme on Modernization of Housing and Utility Sector for 2011-2020
      National Program for Modernization (NPM) for Residential and Communal Sector for 2011-2020
      G.2Link to other NAMAs
  • H Attachments
  • I Support received
    • I.1Outside the Registry

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      Support received from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) in the amount of 150,000 US$ for the development of full-size UNDP-GEF project proposal
      I.2Within the Registry
      Support providedSupportTypeAmountCommentDate
      Global Environment Facility (GEF) Trust FundFinancial5,930,000 10/20/2014
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