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Addressing adaptation knowledge gaps through collaborative action

​​​​​​The NWP relies on continuous engagement with partners to drive forward activities that produce usable knowledge products and catalyse action in response to identified knowledge needs in relevant topics and thematic areas. Building on previous experience and existing resources, the NWP follows a stepwise approach to turn knowledge into action:

  • Defining knowledge needs – identify, validate, and refine specific adaptation knowledge needs in response to requests from Parties, reformulating into actionable research questions and/or partner requests as appropriate
  • Scoping - review and synthesize existing adaptation knowledge
  • Expert groups - assemble and consult relevant experts to advance the work on key issues or themes
  • Refine knowledge- identify key principles, good practices, and/or priority knowledge gaps
  • Co-design actions - co-design actions with partners and/or constituted bodies to address knowledge needs and enhance national, regional, and local adaptation actions
  • Package and disseminate outcomes - repackage knowledge into a usable format for policy-makers, non-Party stakeholders, and general audiences
  • Facilitate partnerships - facilitate partnerships, including with Parties and NWP partners, to mobilize support for the implementation of transformative actions and to close knowledge gaps
  • Track and learn - track and report outcomes and feedback lessons learned to update knowledge needs and improve interventions