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 NWP partner organizations

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​​​​​​ The Nairobi work programme (NWP) - Knowledge-to-action hub for adaptation and resilience collaborates with a network of over 450 partner organizations to address adaptation knowledge needs identified by the Parties to the UNFCCC. NWP partner organizations include public and private entities from around the world with a wide range of thematic and sectoral expertise working in various regions of the world.
The NWP drives forward activities that produce usable knowledge products and catalyse action in response to identified knowledge needs. These activities inform and support adaptation policies and practices, with a focus on developing countries.

NWP partners also include private sector partners. Please see private sector group of the NWP here​​.

Partnering with the NWP

NWP partnership is open to non-governmental and civil society organizations, community organizations, private sector entities, scientific organizations, academic and research institutions, regional centres or networks, United Nations and intergovernmental organizations, national and subnational governments, and the mass media. NWP partner organizations help transform adaptation knowledge into action across a range of themes and issues areas.