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Browse resources related to health in the AKP database (right), and learn more about the UNFCCC's activities on the topic under the Nairobi work programme below.

Related UNFCCC work under the Nairobi work programme

Health is a key thematic area of the Nairobi work programme, as mandated by the Subsidiary Body for Science and Technological Advice (SBSTA) in May 2018 and May 2016. The secretariat has collaborated with partners to close knowledge gaps by delivering: 
What did the call for submissions and synthesis report capture ? 
The SBSTA invited Parties, NWP partner organizations and other relevant entities to submit information on their recent work in the area of climate impacts on human health, including  changes in the geographical distribution of diseases; new and emerging diseases including tropical diseases and their impacts on social and economic structures; issues of malnutrition, waterborne diseases, vector-borne diseases and disaster impacts; and effects of climate change on health and productivity in the workplace, with implications for occupational health, safety and social protection. A synthesis report was prepared based on submissions, expert feedback, and input captured during the 10th Focal Point Forum.   
How can my organization/entity further support resilience through knowledge ?  
  1. Make an action pledge to reduce climate impacts on human health;  
  2. Share your resources on human health and adaptation on the Adaptation knowledge portal including case studies, tools and methods, and other resources. 
  3. Send us news about upcoming publications and events at
  4. Become a NWP partner organization 
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