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MDI Nepal

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MDI-Nepal which stands for Manahari Development Institute-Nepal (MDI-Nepal) is a well-established NGO in Nepal. The organization was established in September 19, 2001 with contemporary groups of professional staffs working in different NGO sectors. Since its establishment, it is working in many rural areas of Nepal and has proven its strength to improve the livelihoods of rural poor primarily through interventions in agricultural/agroforestry and aquaculture sectors.

This organization is one of the champions to manage sloppy upland farm applying proven form of Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT). More than 5000 hectares of marginal & degraded sloping uplands affected through shifting cultivation practices have been rehabilitated with improved agroforestry system by planting more than 14 million plants of fruits, fodders and NTFPs like broom grass and asparagus. Similalry more than 500 small scale fish ponds have been promoted in many hilly districts of Nepal. Recently, MDI has succeeded in breeding of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in colder region i.e. in Jumla at 2500 m altitude for the first time.

MDI believes that poor, given some outside support can create capital and use it efficiently to improve their quality of life and achieve self-reliance. Land and labor being the primary asset of poor, sustainable agriculture development should be the core intervention for their improvement in food security and income

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Climatic Hazards


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Khop Narayan Shrestha

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Executive Director

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New Manakamana Road, Hetaunda-2, Makawanpur

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Top Bahadur Shahi

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Deputy Director

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New Manakamana Road, Hetaunda-2, Makawanpur

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Non-governmental organization - NGO

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Manahari Development Institute- Nepal

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