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Established in 2002, the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development - nrg4SD - acts in three main fields: Sustainable development, biodiversity and climate change. The nrg4SD acts as the voice of regional governments in the context of the global agendas at UN and EU levels and facilitates collaboration between its members, promoting sustainable policies and actions in subnational territories.
In the field of climate change, nrg4SD runs RegionsAdapt, an initiative to inspire and support regional governments to act, collaborate and report efforts on climate change adaptation. More specifically, RegionsAdapt is a platform for tracking regional adaptation plans and strategies across the world; promoting the acceleration of the adoption or revision of regional climate adaptation plans and strategies; cooperation among regional governments and sharing of best practices within their different capacities and experiences on climate adaptation.
By joining RegionsAdapt initiative, governments commit to: 1. Adopt a strategic approach to adaptation and prioritize adaptation actions within two years of joining the initiative; 2. Take concrete action on adaptation in at least one of the key priority areas identified by the regions; and 3. Report data on the progress of the adaptation actions on an annual basis. The seven key priority areas are: Water Resources and Management; Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction; Agriculture and Zootechnics; Forestry, Protected Areas and Biodiversity; Infrastructure and Territorial Planning; Economic Impacts and Opportunities; and Social Adaptation and Impacts.

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Agriculture; Biodiversity; Disaster risk reduction; Ecosystem-based adaptation; Ecosystems; Energy; Food security; Human settlements; Indigenous and traditional knowledge; Infrastructure; Tourism; Urban resilience; Water resources

Adaptation Element

Adaptation planning and practices;#Capacity building;#Communication and outreach/awareness

Climatic Hazards

Drought;#Extreme heat;#Floods;#Increasing temperatures;#Land and forest degradation;#Loss of biodiversity;#Sea level rise;#Shift of seasons;#Storm surges;#Wildfire

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Project Manager RegionsAdapt

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Chaussée d’Alsemberg 999

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Junior Policy Officer Climate Change

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Chaussée d’Alsemberg 999

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Non-governmental organization - NGO

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Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development

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