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The Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management (CCCEM) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization NGO) formed to address challenges that climate change has brought and will bring to the Malawi environment and the world at large. Our main focus is to work hand in hand with all sectors of society in raising awareness, encouraging and undertaking action oriented initiatives that promote sustainable natural resources and environment management practices that uplift the livelihood of all Malawians.

Malawi has become increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather. The serious consequences of extreme weather demonstrate why climate change resilience, mitigation and adaptation are key concerns for CCCEM. CCCEM tackles Meteorological aspect of Climate change, Natural resources and environmental management. This has made us categorize our interventions in the following manner;

• Environmental Data rescue in support of Disaster Risk Management, Earl warning, Research and Education
• Climate Change Resilience, Adaptation and Mitigation
• Environment and Natural Resources Management
• Sustainable Energy Management with emphasis on Renewable Energy Technologies
• Community empowerment to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Our work is done in collaboration with other stakeholders (partners) who share the same objectives, nationally, regionally and internationally in the benefit of multiple sectors including Water, Health, Energy, Agriculture and Food Security, Disaster Management and additional sectors as approved by the Global Flame works for Climate Services (GFCS, WMO).


       Mission Statement   : CCCEM’s mission is to raise the awareness, encouraging and undertaking action oriented initiatives that promote sustainable Climate change, natural resources and environment management practices that uplift the livelihood and socioeconomic development of all in Malawi and beyond.

       Vision           :

                                          CCCEM’s vision is therefore to be the leading organizations in linking environmental institutions; to learn, educate, and build capacity and share knowledge towards best practice guidelines for improved climate and environment information services so as to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Motto :   Bringing Meteorological and Environmental Management
   Knowledge to everyone.

Regional Scope


Adaptation Sector

Agriculture; Biodiversity; Community-based adaptation; Disaster risk reduction; Ecosystem-based adaptation; Ecosystems; Energy; Food security; Gender; Urban resilience; Water resources

Adaptation Element

Capacity building;#Climate observations;#Climate scenarios;#Communication and outreach/awareness;#Education and training;#Institutional arrangements;#Monitoring and evaluation/M&E;#Science and research;#Socio-economic data and information;#Stakeholder involvement;#Technology support;#Vulnerability assessment

Climatic Hazards

Desertification;#Drought;#Erratic rainfall;#Floods;#Increasing temperatures;#Loss of biodiversity;#Vector and water-borne diseases;#Wildfire

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Martin Mwanangwa

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Executive Director

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Magalasi - Chileka Street

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Leonald Newton

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Dean of Malawi University of Science and Technology, (MUST).

Secondary Contact Street Address

Limbe - Midima Road

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Organization Type

Non-governmental organization - NGO

Organization Name

Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management

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