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The Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER) focuses on:
i) Understanding the physical science of climate change and generating climate change scenarios for Bangladesh at local level
ii) Sea level rise and storm surge modeling for coastal zone protection against sea level rise and storm surges
iii) Bio-physical modeling for assessing the impact of climate change on environment
iv) Integrated adaptation planning and environment friendly infrastructure design
v) Economics of adaptation to climate change and investment need identification
vi) Mitigation through emission reduction with particular focus on renewable energy options
vii) Comprehensive disaster management in a changing climate
viii) Application of bio-technological research at field level for the development of climate resilient cropping system
ix) Community based adaptation and awareness raising at local level
x) Education curricula development for students and also for the training of local people, civil society and professionals
xi) Gender and climate induced migration including population dynamics and displacement
xii) Natural resource management to prevent degradation and preservation of ecologically critical areas
xiii) Water supply and sanitation, pollution control and environmental governance
xiv) Conservations of endangered flora and fauna to protect them from human invasions.
xv) Policy formulation for mainstreaming climate change adaptation in sectoral strategy and plan options

Regional Scope


Adaptation Sector

Agriculture; Food security; Biodiversity; Coastal areas/zones; Health; Disaster risk reduction; Infrastructure; Human settlements; Gender; Indigenous and traditional knowledge; Urban resilience

Adaptation Element

Adaptation planning and practices;#Capacity building;#Climate observations;#Climate scenarios;#Communication and outreach/awareness;#Education and training;#Knowledge management;#Monitoring and evaluation/M&E;#Science and research;#Socio-economic data and information;#Stakeholder involvement;#Technology support;#Vulnerability assessment

Climatic Hazards

Drought;#Erratic rainfall;#Extreme heat;#Floods;#Increasing temperatures;#Salinization;#Sea level rise;#Storm surges;#Tropical cyclones/typhoons;#Vector and water-borne diseases

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Coordinator, Operations

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49 Mohakhali, Dhaka

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Research Associate

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49 Mohakhali, Dhaka

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Research institution

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Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research, BRAC University

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