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Boticario Group Foundation

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The Boticário Group Foundation was created in 1990 as one of the first private institutions dedicated to nature conservation in Brazil. Since then, our commitment has been kept perennial and steadfast. We started our activities supporting initiatives by other institutions and became one of the main financers of environmental projects in the country. Over 26 years, we have supported more than 1,500 initiatives from almost 500 different institutions. We have suported initiatives to research the impact of climate change over endemic species, and we have delivered the results for the national government trough the Ministry of Environment and subnational governments as well.
We also have developed our own actions, through our own Nature Preserves, we conserve over 11,000 hectares of both Atlantic Forest and Cerrado, the two most threatened biomes in Brazil.
We devise and execute initiatives such as Oasis, a pioneer program of Payment for Environmental Services (PES); the Estação Natureza Exhibits, always seeking to mobilize society in favor of the conservationist cause.
We also work with Public Policies, advocating for nature conservation and ecosystem based adaptation. We have developed a study in order to contribute with the Nation Government in the elaboration of the National Adaptation Plan. There’s an English version: 
We also help subnational governments to include ecosystem conservation in their local policies, increasing the resilience of society trough nature protection.
All this to show that the environment is not only an inspiration, but a reason for us to go on.

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Adaptation Sector

Marine fisheries; Freshwater fisheries; Biodiversity; Coastal areas/zones; Disaster risk reduction; Ecosystem-based adaptation; Ecosystems; Infrastructure; Services; Water

Adaptation Element

Adaptation planning and practices;#Knowledge management;#Stakeholder involvement;#Vulnerability assessment

Climatic Hazards

Drought;#Erratic rainfall;#Extreme heat;#Floods;#Increasing temperatures;#Land and forest degradation;#Loss of biodiversity;#Sea level rise;#Storm surges;#Vector and water-borne diseases;#Wildfire

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Gonçalves Dias Street, 225

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Gonçalves Dias Street, 225

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Civil society;#Non-governmental organization - NGO

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Boticario Group Foundation for Nature Protection

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Ecosystem based Adaptation 2015.pdf    
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