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focus on climate change, value chain, agricultural economics

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The first mission of the Hue College of Economics is to deliver highest standard of education to our students. To ensure educational quality and outcomes, the HCE strives to develop a more coherent curriculum and adopt innovative teaching methods tailored to students’ individual needs and employers’ expectations. The College’s learning environment appreciates open and free inquiry and places an emphasis on facilitating research in a practical setting. Learning activities are directed towards students allowing them to explore and realize their potential to the full extent.
The second mission of the Hue College of Economics is to conduct scientific research and provide services in the fields of economics and management. The HCE is fully aware of the impact and value of scientific research to the quality of education, to the prestige and status of a higher education institution as well as to a wider community. This is the main reason the College is dedicated to offering financial support, improved facilities and favorable personnel incentives to maximize both lecturers’ and students’ research productivity.
The third mission of the Hue College of Economics is to promote discussion of challenging contemporary issues and the search for cost-effective solutions. Locating in the heart of Central Vietnam – a region frequently confronting natural disasters and development challenges, the HCE promotes deeper engagement and collaboration with the community and industry. These relationships will ensure industry-based education approach on the the College’s part and enable better contribution to the region’s prosperity and the entire nation of Vietnam.

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Adaptation Sector

Agriculture; Livestock; Crops; Coastal areas/zones; Community-based adaptation; Disaster risk reduction; Ecosystem-based adaptation; Food security; Production; Farm systems; Urban resilience

Adaptation Element

Adaptation planning and practices;#Impact assessment;#Socio-economic data and information;#Vulnerability assessment

Climatic Hazards

Drought;#Extreme cold;#Floods

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Nguyen Thai

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94/9 Duongvanan street, Hue city, Thuathienhue Province

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Nguyen Thai

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94/9 Duongvanan Street, Hue City, Thuathienhue Province

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National/public entity;#Regional center/network/initiative;#University/education/training organization

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College of Economics - Hue University, Vietnam

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Viet Nam

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Viet Nam

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