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3 ideas Ltd is an award winning design and research consultancy working towards the programmes of UNFCCC, UNCCD, CBD, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and The New Urban Agenda.

Sustainable development projects initiated, developed and delivered include cities, buildings and product design, at various scales, all of which address socio-economics, resilience, prosperity, improvement of livelihoods and authentic cultural continuity. 

3 ideas Ltd is a stakeholder in the UNFCCC Paris Committee on Capacity Building, UN-HABITAT the Guiding Principles for Urban-Rural Linkages and a supporter of The Global Center on Adaptation. Dr Sandra Piesik (founder) is currently providing a consultancy support services on rural – urban dynamics to The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

DrPiesik is also a general editor of  “HABITAT: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet”, the encyclopaedia, which gathers together an international team of more than one hundred and forty leading experts from fifty counties across a diverse range of disciplines to examine what the traditions of vernacular architecture, and its regional craftspeople around the world, can teach us about creating a more sustainable future. It is the first contemporary global review of vernacular architecture carried out in the past twenty years.

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Agriculture; Biodiversity; Community-based adaptation; Disaster risk reduction; Ecosystem-based adaptation; Ecosystems; Food security; Gender; Health; Human settlements; Indigenous and traditional knowledge; Infrastructure; Services; Tourism; Urban resilience; Water resources

Adaptation Element

Adaptation planning and practices;#Capacity building;#Climate scenarios;#Communication and outreach/awareness;#Education and training;#Impact assessment;#Institutional arrangements;#Knowledge management;#Monitoring and evaluation/M&E;#Science and research;#Socio-economic data and information;#Stakeholder involvement;#Technology support;#Vulnerability assessment

Climatic Hazards

Desertification;#Drought;#Extreme cold;#Extreme heat;#Floods;#Increasing temperatures;#Land and forest degradation;#Loss of biodiversity;#Sea level rise;#Shift of seasons;#Tropical cyclones/typhoons;#Vector and water-borne diseases

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Sandra Izabela

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62A Parkhill Road, London

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The Accountants to 3 Ideas Limited

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50 Woodgate, Leicester

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+44116 251 92 99

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Private sector

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3 ideas Ltd

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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