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APAN was established in October 2009 as part of the Global Climate Adaptation Network (GAN). It is the first network under the GAN supported by the UNEP, IGES, AIT-UNEP RRCAP, ADB, SIDA, and APN. APAN operates through its regional hub located in Bangkok. 

Sub-regional activities of APAN are carried out by the sub-regional nodes and thematic nodes of APAN located in the five sub-regions of Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and the Pacific. The sub-regional nodes operate with the help of national implementing partners located in the countries falling within each sub-region. The core partners are Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP) located at Asian Institute for Technology (AIT), and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). UNEP ROAP acts as the secretariat in charge of Steering Committee and for providing technical inputs to APAN.


Following are the activities/areas of support under APAN:
  • ​Knowledge generation, management, sharing and exchanging through collection, synthesis, packaging and dissemination of adaptation-related data, information and knowledge at regional, sub-regional and national levels such as good practice and technology databases;
  • Capacity building through meetings, seminars, workshops and trainings with the support from the sub-regional nodes and thematic nodes;
  • Facilitating access to adaptation finance and technologies;
  • Identification of specific gaps and needs in knowledge, information and technologies for CCA and priority areas at the country and the sub-regional levels through dialogues with national implementing partners and regional entities;
  • Establishing and strengthening linkages and collaboration with networks, initiatives, national centers of excellence, donor agencies, governments and other specialized institutions working on climate change adaptation in the countries of the sub-regions.


Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation ForumAPAN co-organizes the Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum that attracts worldwide scientists, development workers, government officials, academicians, international organizations, students, and representatives from civil society who come together to discuss climate change adaptation topics. 

Strengthening Adaptation Capacities and Minimizing Risks of Vulnerable Coastal  Communities in India" (AdaptCap)AdaptCap​ aims at increasing knowledge, planning and adaptation capacities of coastal communities concerning climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and climate change mitigation in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India. Learn more.


Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN)