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Questionnaire to collect information in support of the assessment of progress in the process to formulate and implement National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) under the SBI

By its decision 4/CP.21, the COP requested the SBI to assess progress made in the process to formulate and implement national adaptation plans (NAPs) at its forty-eighth session (April–May 2018), with a view to making recommendations thereon to the Conference of the Parties, as appropriate. By the same decision, the COP invited Parties to provide information to inform the assessment by the SBI, guided by an online questionnaire.

This questionnaire is therefore designed to capture information from the Parties on the progress made in the formulation and implementation of on NAPs. Parties are free to fill the form more than once to include new information as necessary. They can also opt to save their progress in answering the questionnaire by using their Google Mail account.

The word format of the questionnaire is also available for download. In the event you fill out the questionnaire offline, please send your input to: with the Subject: [Country Name] Response to Questionnaire on NAPs