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​Country Type​ ​Description ​Link
​Argentina ​Directive ​The National Climate Change Cabinet was created in 2016 to look at the country's NDC and the formulation of the NAP in parallel with accessing funding for formulation with the readiness window of the Green Climate Fund Argentina's NAP Experience as presented at COP 23
​Benin ​National decree ​A decree establishing the Benin National Commission on NAP validated by the National Committee on Climate Change. The National Commission on NAP is tasked to develop and implement the national adaptation plan. ​​Benin's experience on Governance and coordination in the context of the formualtion and implementation of national adaptation plan (NAP) from NAP Events
​Bhutan ​Commission directive ​​​​NEC meeting directives established that the Climate Change Division(CCD) of NECS would take the lead on NAP development and that a Climate Change Policy concept note would be developed.​
​Pakistan ​Act ​The Pakistan Climate Change Act mandates the Climate Change Authority to prepare the National Adaptation Plan and thereafter monitor its implementation. National Climate Change Act of Pakistan
​Philippines ​Act ​The Climate Change Act of the Philippines was enacted in 2009 and mandates for the Climate Change Commission to lead the formulation of the national climate change strategy to inform the national adaptation plan. Philippines Climate Change Act of 2009
​Togo Joint ministerial order​ ​A joint ministerial order was issued establishing the Technical Coordination Committee of the NAP process.​