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Technical resources for implementing the measurement, reporting and verification arrangements under the Convention and the enhanced transparency framework under the Paris Agreement.




• There is no specification for the use of a common projection models. However, most countries use models that are widely used internationally.
• In the context of reporting information on tracking progress of implementation and achievement of NDCs under the enhanced transparency framework, the modalities, procedures and guidelines contained in annex to decision 18/CMA.1 provide definition of scenarios that should be used in reporting projections. It includes 3 scenarios: ‘with measures’, ‘without measures’ and “‘without measures’ projection.”


In the context of NDCs under the Paris Agreement, projections of GHG emissions and removals have been developed using different scenarios. Is there a consensus for the use of a common projections model?


Created at 27/05/2020 12:10 by Tugba Icmeli
Last modified at 27/05/2020 12:10 by Tugba Icmeli