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The compilation gathers 64 examples of good practices, tools, methods and data collection initiatives from around the world.

Considering the recommendations of the Adaptation Committee (AC) in relation to the joint meeting on best practices and available tools for the use of indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices, the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA), at its 41st session, requested the secretariat, under the guidance of the Chair of the SBSTA, in collaboration with the AC and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group, and with contributions from relevant Nairobi work programme partner organizations, to make publicly available a compilation of good practices and tools and available data collection initiatives for the use of local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for adaptation, for consideration at SBSTA 44.

This compilation of 64 examples of good practices, tools and methods and data collection initiatives on the use of local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for adaptation, builds on the inputs provided by 24 international organizations, NGOs, and universities around the world, including NWP partner organizations.  Based on contributions in Spanish, a more succinct compilation of examples from North, Central and South America is also available.

All the entries of the compilation in English are also searchable through the advanced search page of the Portal.

To ensure that new, relevant and useful examples are included in this compilation, including in Spanish and in French, and that the current entries up to date, please do not hesitate to send your suggestions for new entries and updates to ​​