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21 First Nationally Determined Contribution (Updated) of Cuba 2 1. Context of the updated version of the First Nationally Determined Contribution in Cuba Cuba is highly committed to …
Author: Cuba Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 1MB First/Cuban First NDC (Updated submission)1.pdf

1 NEW ZEALAND Submission under the Paris Agreement New Zealand’s first Nationally Determined Contribution Updated 4 November 2021 New Zealand hereby communicates its updated first …
Author: New Zealand Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 348KB Zealand First/New Zealand NDC November 2021.pdf

1 Кыргызская Республика Предполагаемый национально-определяемый вклад в Соглашение 2015 РКИК ООН Изменение климата является в настоящее время наибольшим вызовом и наиболее общей …
Author: Kyrgyzstan Submission Type: NDC Language: Russian Size: 1MB First/Kyrgyzstan INDC_RUS_final.pdf

1 The Kyrgyz Republic Intended Nationally Determined Contribution Climate change is the greatest challenge and the most universal objective for the humanity. This global problem …
Author: Kyrgyzstan Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 446KB First/Kyrgyzstan INDC _ENG_ final.pdf

Author: Kyrgyzstan Submission Type: Addendum Language: English Size: 47KB First/Verbal_note.pdf

Lebanon’s Nationally Determined Contribution Updated 2020 Version Table of Contents Table of Contents … 7 Impacts of Climate Change in Lebanon … 14 Executive Summary Amid the significant gap …
Author: Lebanon Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/Lebanon's 2020 Nationally Determined Contribution Update.pdf

1 Second Nationally Determined Contribution of the United Arab Emirates December 2020 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) submitted its first Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in …
Author: United Arab Emirates Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 350KB Arab Emirates Second/UAE Second NDC - UNFCCC Submission - English - FINAL.pdf

Contributions prévues déterminées au niveau national (CPDN) de l’Andorre, concernant la décision 1/CP.19 et la décision 1/CP.20 Préambule Lors de la dix-neuvième session de la …
Author: Andorra Submission Type: NDC Language: French Size: 13MB First/Andorra INDC-CPDN.pdf

Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) of the Republic of Albania following decision 1/CP.19 and decision 1/CP.20 This document presents Albania’s Intended Nationally …
Author: Albania Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 106KB First/Albania First.pdf

1 The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Intended Nationally Determined Contribution INDC-Algeria-September 3rd, 2015 2 The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Intended …
Author: Algeria Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 283KB First/Algeria - INDC (English unofficial translation) September 03,2015.pdf