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NS-159 - Efficient Cookstoves


NAMA Seeking Support for Preparation

  • A Overview
    • A.1Party
      A.2Title of Mitigation Action

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      A.3Description of mitigation action

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      This NAMA seeks to reduce the emissions associated with the consumption of non renewable biomass and to significantly improve the health, the economy and quality of life of all the users through the provisioning of efficient stoves that allow them to cover all of their needs with in a sustainable manner.

      This NAMA aims to deliver the following results:
      1. Considerable improvements on final users by avoiding that they breath pollutant particles.
      2. Improvements on the final user's economy by reducing their expense on the wood buying and/or on its collection time.
      3. Reduction on the deforestation rate of the country by consuming less non renewable biomass.
      4.  Mitigate 1 million tCO2e as a yearly average (20.2 million tCO2e for the whole 20 years of lifetime of the NAMA).


      A.6Type of action

      A.7Greenhouse gases covered by the action

  • B National Implementing Entity
    • B.1.0Name
      B.1.1Contact Person 1
      B.1.5Contact Person 2
      B.1.9Contact Person 3

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  • C Expected timeframe for the preparation of the mitigation action
    • C.1Number of months for completion
  • D Currency
    • D.1Used Currency
      Conversion to USD: 1
  • E Cost
    • E.1.1Estimated full cost of preparation
      Conversion to USD: 600,000
      E.1.2Comments on full cost of preparation

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      Currently, the main document of the NAMA is under developement. Nevertheless, financial support is required to finish the main NAMA document, design the MRV mechanism and design a pilot project.
  • F Support required to prepare the mitigation action
    • F.1.1Amount of Financial support
      Conversion to USD: 600,000
      F.1.2Type of required Financial support

      F.1.3Comments on Financial support

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      F.2.1Amount of Technical support
      Conversion to USD: 0
      F.2.2Comments on Technical support

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      F.3.1Amount of capacity building support
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      F.3.2Type of required capacity building support

      F.3.3Comments on Capacity Building support

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  • G Relevant National Policies strategies, plans and programmes and/or other mitigation action
    • G.1Relevant National Policies

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      G.2Link to other NAMAs
  • H Attachments
  • I Support received
    • I.1Outside the Registry

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      I.2Within the Registry
      Support providedSupportTypeAmountCommentDate
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