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NS-3 - Sustainable Housing Programme


NAMA Seeking Support for Preparation

  • A Overview
    • A.1Party
      A.2Title of Mitigation Action

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      A.3Description of mitigation action

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      To introduce new technologies that reduce GHG emmisions by substituiting the use of electricity from the grid by renewable energy sources (thermal solar energy) and improving energy effciency (more efficient light bulbs). The Government has a Housing Programme under development, through which 20.000 new homes will be built in the next years. Lower income families included in the Government Programs are subject to eligibility under these criteria. The target group are households with families of 3 persons on average, houses of 60 m2 and using the current Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment (MVOTMA) regulation standards of building quality codes. Under the assumption of the Government Plans, there are 3 person per home, therefore, the likely number of persons affected by the program is 60.000 persons. It has been checked that a major part of the electrical bill of the household corresponds to water heating. That makes attractive and efficient to implement a technology in water heating that substitutes consumption from the grid . The technologies proposed for inclusion in the Program are solar water heaters and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) light bulbs, that will reduce emissions from electricity from the national grid supplied by the state own company, UTE. From the current 1,3 million clients currently connected to the grid, there will be 20.000 new homes that will reduce emissions by substituting electricity from the grid by renewable energy with cero emissions and higher energy efficiency. Each member or family can: (i) be part of the Program when the Government funds the whole building and therefore set the standards of the houses including the technologies, or (ii) chose to be part of the sustainable building program if it is funded and promoted by any of the National Plans from MVOTMA, and also chose to apply the technologies (i.e cooperatives that co-fund the buildings by loans) The Uruguayan Government is promoting the application of solar energy for the residential and commercial sectors through the law number 18.585. From this law is compulsory to install solar water heater in new health 01-nama-seeking-support-for-preparation-web-v0.4 Page 2 / 4 buildings, hotels, sport clubs, pools, and public organisations that spend more than 20% of their energy for water heating. However, under this Law is not compulsory to install water heaters if the consumption of energy is lower than 20% for this purpose, neither for residential and commercial buildings already built. The voluntary inclusion of the renewable energy technologies is promoted by the Investment law 16.906. Even though there are some incentives in place in Uruguay, there are barriers to overcome, mainly financial and economic ones that prevent from incorporating these technologies as well as awareness. The BAU is expected to continue using electricity from the grid unless there is financial support for its implementation in the residential sector.


      A.6Type of action

      A.7Greenhouse gases covered by the action

  • B National Implementing Entity
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      B.1.5Contact Person 2
      B.1.9Contact Person 3

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  • C Expected timeframe for the preparation of the mitigation action
    • C.1Number of months for completion
  • D Currency
    • D.1Used Currency
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  • E Cost
    • E.1.1Estimated full cost of preparation
      Conversion to USD: 350,000
      E.1.2Comments on full cost of preparation

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  • F Support required to prepare the mitigation action
    • F.1.1Amount of Financial support
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      F.1.2Type of required Financial support

      F.1.3Comments on Financial support

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      This support would be destined to develop the studies and calculations needed to prepare the NAMA, for instance base line scenario, estimation of emmission reduction
      F.2.1Amount of Technical support
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      F.2.2Comments on Technical support

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      F.3.1Amount of capacity building support
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      F.3.2Type of required capacity building support

      F.3.3Comments on Capacity Building support

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      It would be necessary to enhance capacities related to the aspects involved in the process of preparing a NAMA
  • G Relevant National Policies strategies, plans and programmes and/or other mitigation action
    • G.1Relevant National Policies

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      National Plan to Respond to Climate Change, Energy Efficiency Program, Solar Plan:;;
      G.2Link to other NAMAs
  • H Attachments
  • I Support received
    • I.1Outside the Registry

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      I.2Within the Registry
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