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NS-329 - Climate-Smart: A New Pathway to Low-Carbon and More-Resilient Development for Small Cocoa Farmers in the Context to Dominican Republic’s Nationally Determined Contribution

Dominican Republic

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  • A Overview
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      A.2Title of Mitigation Action

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      A.3Description of mitigation action

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      The project seeks to reduce significant GHG emissions from cocoa value chain through the promotion of appropriate climate-smart production approaches, including technological development, crop intensification, and yield enhancement, and to increase the economic and ecosystem value for farmers, incorporating shade trees in cocoa systems, developing biomass-energy products, diversifying the production, reaching new markets, and implementing innovative financial mechanisms, aiming to build climate-resilience for the sector, secure rural livelihoods, contributing with country’s mitigation compromises and to support the national development targets. To achieve its objectives, the project include: (I) A multi-stakeholder platform to ensure stakeholders integration, and the adoption of a robust MRV framework; (II) Implementation Consortiums with appropriated management plans and specific mitigation goals, based on down-scaled level information about land use and planning; (III) Alternative climate-smart agriculture models for sustainable production and best practices for increasing yields, intensifying crops, and improving marketing and access to significant technical, technological, extension, business, finance and promotional resources; (IV) Financial mechanism, including increase funding and credit channels to foster good-practices on climate-smart agriculture and develop new chain values based on cocoa products and by-products. These mechanisms include credit lines, a new facility/fund, financial guarantees, yield insurances, and climate-based marketing; and (V) Strategic support to Congress, government institutions, and relevant policy-makers to enhance the institutional and regulatory framework for to build of a low-carbon resilient development of the cocoa sector.


      A.6Type of action

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      Resources will support following activities: To formalize the governance structure of the project (i.e., steering committee, executive board); Research of potential intervention areas, including to detailed map of actors; To identify potential members of project operationalizing coordinating committee; To prepare and to conduct workshops and consultations; To share the finance strategy and preliminary mechanisms to International Development Banks; To produce a sample of potential pilots farms, based on land use and planning; Research with relevant financial institutions about rationality of financial mechanisms; To conduct a market study about potential demands of cocoa farmers; To carry a feasibility study including a detailed risk-management assessment; To carry final consultations with key stakeholders and government representatives; To define the professional profile of all technicians and professional involved in implementation; To elaborate on the best measures to reduce technical, technological or financial risks; and To establish all process regarding to MRV (GHG emissions, mitigation, finance and support); Research with relevant technology institutions about rationality of innovative blockchain mechanisms in the whole sector supply chain, financial models and  MRV, linked to the context of NDC.
  • F Support required to prepare the mitigation action
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  • G Relevant National Policies strategies, plans and programmes and/or other mitigation action
    • G.1Relevant National Policies

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      The Dominican Republic has its National Policy on Climate Change (PNCC), a Low-Emissions Development Strategy (DECCC)) and a National Adaptation Programme of Action (PANA-RD). The country has been actively involved in the regional and international climate debate, playing a leading role in the discussion in the Latin American and Caribbean. Also, the country has fulfilled important international criteria (as Third National Communication and NDC).
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