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NS-36 - Rehabilitation of arterial roads in Serbia


NAMA Seeking Support for Implementation

  • A Overview
    • A.1Party
      A.2Title of Mitigation Action
      A.3Description of mitigation action
      This action includes rehabilitation of the 19 different arterial road sections throughout Serbia. Total length of all proposed road sections is 324 km. Sections are located in different part of Serbia. The most of them belong to the southern-east region.Selected roads sections are very important for everyday transport of humans and goods, but with serious damages on the road surface (pavement) and very high Roughness Index (IRI). Mitigation target is to improve the efficiency and operation of these roads and reduce CO2 emissions from road vehicles. Decreasing of CO2 emissions will be ensured through improved fuel consumption level (-3.64%) by all vehicles that is achieved by running speed of 60 km/h, or the International Roughness Index (IRI) of the proposed roads are improved up to the value of 2.0 m/km.


      A.6Type of action

      A.7Greenhouse gases covered by the action

  • B National Implementing Entity
    • B.1.0Name
      B.1.1Contact Person 1
      B.1.5Contact Person 2
      B.1.9Contact Person 3
      B.2.1Contact Person 1
      B.2.5Contact Person 2
      B.2.9Contact Person 3
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  • C Expected timeframe for the implementation of the mitigation action
    • C.1Number of years for completion
      C.2Expected start year of implementation
  • D Currency
    • D.1Used Currency
      Conversion to USD: 1
  • E Cost
    • E.1.1Estimated full cost of implementation
      Conversion to USD: 168,451,596
      E.1.2Comments on full cost of implementation
      E.2.1Estimated incremental cost of implementation
      Conversion to USD: 11,791,611
      E.2.2Comments on estimated incremental cost of implementation
  • F Support required for the implementation the mitigation action
    • F.1.1Amount of Financial support
      Conversion to USD: 180,243,208
      F.1.2Type of required Financial support

      F.1.3Comments on Financial support
      It could be subject of negotiations
      F.2.1Amount of Technological support
      F.2.2Comments on Technological support
      F.3.1Amount of capacity building support
      Conversion to USD: 0
      F.3.2Type of required capacity building support

      F.3.3Comments on Capacity Building support
  • G Estimated emission reductions
    • G.1Amount
      G.3Additional imformation (e.g. if available, information on the methodological approach followed)
      Total reduction: 5,234 tCO2e (20 years) Methodology applied for estimation: Computer Programme to calculate Emissions from Road Transport (COPERT 4)
  • H Other indicators
    • H.1Other indicators of implementation
  • I Other relevant information
    • I.1Other relevant information including co-benefits for local sustainable development
      improved infrastructure will ensure higher level on transport service on rehabilitated roads, not only regarding travel time and safety but also by reducing CO2 emmission and fuel consumption. Creation of local employment opportunities: during rehabilitation works many temporary working places will be open for local residents. Education and awareness raise: - Reduction of fuel consumption: direct impact of rehabilitated roads on fel consumption will be indirectly confirmed and estimated by measuring CO2 emmissions along road sections which are subject of proposed Serbian Arterial Road Rehabilitation Project. During project implementation a systematic measurement of CO2 emmissions will beestablished, including activities before, during and after road rehabilitation works. Environmental monitoring is consisting part of proposed project.
  • J Relevant National Policies strategies, plans and programmes and/or other mitigation action
    • J.1Relevant National Policies
      In line with: o Law on air protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, 36/09) o Law on planning and construction (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 72/2009, 81/2009) o Law on nature protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, 36/09) o Law on environmental protection (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 135/04, 36/09, 72/09) o Law on EIA (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 135/2004, 36/2009) o Law on waste management (“Official Gazette of RS”, 36/09) Law on noise protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, 36/09) o Law on water (“Official Gazette of RS”, 46/91, 53/93, 67/93, 48/94, 54/96, 101/05) Regulations established on the basis of the Law on EIA include the following: o Decree on establishing the List of Projects for which the Impact Assessment is mandatory and the List of projects for which the EIA can be requested (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 114/08) o Rulebook on the contents of requests for the necessity of Impact Assessment and on the contents of requests for specification of scope and contents of the EIS (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 69/05) o Rulebook on the contents of the EIS (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 69/05) o Rulebook on the procedure of public inspection, presentation and public consultation about the EIS (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 69/05) o Regulations on permitted noise level in the environment (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 54/92)
      J.2Link to other NAMAs
  • K Attachments
  • L Support received
    • L.1Outside the Registry
      L.2Within the Registry
      Support providedSupportTypeAmountCommentDate
      No records to display.
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