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NS-33 - Use of Solar energy for domestic hot water production in Heat plant “Cerak” in Belgrade


NAMA Seeking Support for Implementation

  • A Overview
    • A.1Party
      A.2Title of Mitigation Action
      A.3Description of mitigation action
      Heating plant Cerak currently uses natural gas to produce and deliver heat for space heating and domestic hot water to residential and non-residential customers in Belgrade municipalities: Cukarica and Rakovica. The NAMA involves installation of solar collectors to replace a part of the hot water generation, amounting for around 2,700 MWh which is supplied to 7,000 households. The action will introduce approximately 5,000 m2 of solar collectors, hot water storage tank, heat exchanger, expansion vessel, pumps, valves, automatic control, and connect a new solar plant with the existing heat plant.


      A.6Type of action

      A.7Greenhouse gases covered by the action

  • B National Implementing Entity
    • B.1.0Name
      B.1.1Contact Person 1
      B.1.5Contact Person 2
      B.1.9Contact Person 3
      Add Additional Entity
  • C Expected timeframe for the implementation of the mitigation action
    • C.1Number of years for completion
      C.2Expected start year of implementation
  • D Currency
    • D.1Used Currency
      Conversion to USD: 1
  • E Cost
    • E.1.1Estimated full cost of implementation
      Conversion to USD: 1,358,344
      E.1.2Comments on full cost of implementation
      E.2.1Estimated incremental cost of implementation
      Conversion to USD: 0
      E.2.2Comments on estimated incremental cost of implementation
  • F Support required for the implementation the mitigation action
    • F.1.1Amount of Financial support
      Conversion to USD: 1,358,344
      F.1.2Type of required Financial support

      F.1.3Comments on Financial support
      F.2.1Amount of Technological support
      F.2.2Comments on Technological support
      F.3.1Amount of capacity building support
      Conversion to USD: 0
      F.3.2Type of required capacity building support

      F.3.3Comments on Capacity Building support
  • G Estimated emission reductions
    • G.1Amount
      G.3Additional imformation (e.g. if available, information on the methodological approach followed)
      12,220 tCO2e (20 years) Methodology applied for estimation: General calculation method used in IPCC Guidelines
  • H Other indicators
    • H.1Other indicators of implementation
      The Feasibility study completed in 2008
  • I Other relevant information
    • I.1Other relevant information including co-benefits for local sustainable development
      Saving fossil fuel consumption Creation of local employment opportunities Similar activities could be implemented on the other locations in Belgrade and Serbia.
  • J Relevant National Policies strategies, plans and programmes and/or other mitigation action
    • J.1Relevant National Policies
      Energy sector development strategy of the Republic of Serbia by 2015
      J.2Link to other NAMAs
  • K Attachments
  • L Support received
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