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S-55 - International Climate Initiative (IKI)


Information on Support Available

  • A Source of Support
    • A.1Support title

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      A.2Support description

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      The International Climate Initiative (IKI) supports climate protection projects in developing, newly industrialising and transitioning countries (‘partner countries’) and complements the German Government's existing international, multilateral and bilateral cooperation. The projects are geared to the needs of the partner countries and are intended to support them in the following areas: 1. Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions 2. Adapting to the impacts of climate change 3. Conserving natural carbon sinks with a focus on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) 4. Conserving biological diversity. Generally, support can be granted for technology cooperation, policy advice, capacity building and training, and for the elaboration of studies and strategies and the actual implementation of climate change mitigation actions. IKI projects in the category I "Mitigation" are focused primarily on the development of Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), as well as systems for monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation actions (MRV). With regard to NAMAs, IKI projects can support partner countries in developing NAMAs, gaining access to funding for implementation, and implementing ambitious components of NAMAs. In addition, the IKI works to mobilise private capital for climate protection measures. In accordance with a Bundestag resolution, the IKI receives EUR 120 million from the BMU budget every year. The Energy and Climate Fund (EKF), which is replenished through the auctioning of emission allowances in the EU ETS, contributes additional funds to the IKI.
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  • B Organization channelling the resources
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  • C Currency
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  • D Support available
    • D.1Support available for
      D.1.1Regional scope

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      Since the preparation and implementation of NAMAs is only one part of IKI aktivities, IKI can allocate only a share of its overall budget towards NAMA support. Funded projects in general must meet the criteria for recognition as Official Development Assistance (ODA). For projects in the area of mitigation, the focus should be on countries with high potential for greenhouse gas emission reduction, especially newly industrialising countries and middle-income countries; policy advice projects are preferred in the particularly advanced newly industrialising countries.
      D.1.3Target country (in any)
      D.2.1Amount of Financial support
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      D.2.4Comments on Financial support

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      Strengthening the financing of international climate change mitigation is a central theme for the IKI. Financial support from the IKI is mainly delivered in the form of grants and concessional loans, which serve to mobilise additional funding, including in particular private investment, and the promotion of sustainable business models for climate change mitigation.
      D.3.1Amount of Technological support
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      D.3.3Type of Technology

      D.3.4Comments on Technological support

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      The IKI is generally open towards projects in the field of technology cooperation but does not focus on any particular type of environmental technology. However, the IKI does not provide support to “stand-alone” technology support projects; instead, technology support components need to follow an integrative concept for the acceleration of transformation al processes (i.e. be combined with the transfer of know-how, capacity building or policy advice). That way, IKI projects can contribute to further developing existing technological and institutional solutions and to broadening the application of innovative technologies, which advance climate change mitigation and serve to accelerate transformational processes.
      D.4.1Amount of Capacity Building support
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      D.4.3Type of Capacity Building support

      D.4.4Comments on Capacity Building support

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  • E Types of action that may be supported
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  • F Process for the provision of support
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  • H Information on support provided
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