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Scientific organizations, NGOs/civil society and private sector companies play a key role in developing research and sharing information and knowledge on the most recent climate change adaptation initiatives, projects and programmes implemented at various governance levels and geographical scales. Hence their contribution is critical to the NWP, which was set up as a mechanism under the UNFCCC to facilitate and catalyse the development and dissemination of information and knowledge that would inform and support adaptation policies and practices.

NWP partner organizations are public and private entities from all over the world, with diverse expertise and sectoral specialities, that come together to support the NWP in producing and disseminating information and knowledge on adaptation to climate change. You can access the complete list of NWP partner organizations here.
As at 7 April 2017, the number of NWP partner organizations stood at 341. Between October 2016 and April 2017, 18 organizations joined the NWP as partners, including:
NWP partner organizations represent a broad spectrum of expertise, as you will see in the figure 1 below that provides an overview of the composition of the NWP network by category of partner organizations:

Figure 1
Distribution of Nairobi work programme partner organizations by category
The figure below gives an overview of the thematic and regional focuses of the partner organizations.
Figure 2:
Overview of Nairobi work programme partner organizations by regional and sectoral focus

For more information on how your organization can join the NWP, click here.