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First meeting of the NWP expert group on agriculture and food security

Climate change brings a lot of risks to agriculture, including socio-economic impacts on livelihoods, food security and nutrition. Many countries have already included aspects of agriculture and food security in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This showcases the critical importance of agriculture and food security in national adaptation priorities, as part of the collaborative efforts to meet the Paris Agreement goals.


In response to the critical importance of adapting the agricultural and food security systems to climate change, the Nairobi work programme (NWP), UNFCCC knowledge-to-action hub on adaptation and resilience, is collaborating with agriculture and food security experts from across the world to support regional and country efforts to scale up adaptation actions.


NWP expert group members on agriculture and food security


The NWP expert group consists of thirty international experts including UN agencies, INGOs, Results for Development (R4D) organizations, development agencies, global and regional networks, development banks and academia.


During the first expert group meeting on agriculture and food security in September 2022, the group had substantive and rich exchanges on good practices that strengthen adaptation for agriculture and food security. Shared examples included building capacity of local experts, upscaling of climate smart agriculture, what good governance structures look like and financial initiatives, which respect traditional knowledge and diversity. UNFCCC Constituted Bodies also highlighted potential areas for synergies to strengthen countries’ adaptation responses.


Road map for 2023


The NWP will work with this thematic expert group to build on existing evidence and initiatives and respond to critical knowledge gaps that hinder the scaling up of adaptation action. These collaborative efforts between national, regional, and international experts will boost the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices to strengthen resilience of agriculture and food security systems.

A scoping paper will also be produced to address knowledge gaps and good practices in integrating agriculture and food security into adaptation strategies. By equipping countries with adaptation knowledge, policymakers can make more contextually-informed decisions in response to climate change impacts.


More information

15th Focal Point Forum of the Nairobi work programme: Enhancing transformative adaptation on agriculture and food security will be held on 11 November  from 18:00-20:00 at the Sharm el-Sheikh international convention conference center (blue zone). This event will provide an interactive space for dialogue and knowledge-sharing among Parties, UNFCCC national focal points, thematic expert groups and NWP partners. To learn more and RSVP if you are registered for COP 27, visit: website.