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of carbon peak and carbon neutrality have been added to China’s overall plan for ecological conservation. China is now making an action plan and …
Author: China Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 1MB First/China’s Achievements, New Goals and New Measures for Nationally Determined Contributions.pdf

CHN … Addendum … Chinese
Author: China Submission Type: Addendum Language: Chinese Size: 281KB First/cover letter.pdf

卩GL〗嬲盘丫叵GHANG篮,NATIONAL¤ 叵VELOPmENT&REFo限MC0MMI$$Ι 0N0F CHINA No。38,Yue Tall Nan J忆,Be刂ing … to CoⅡlFrlunicate as attached China’ s intended nationa11y deteHnined contribution∶ 丿E》饣锄c召 …
Author: China Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/China's First NDC Submission.pdf

中国落实家自主贡献成效和中国落实家自主贡献成效和中国落实家自主贡献成效和中国落实家自主贡献成效和新目标举措新目标举措目录序言 …
Author: China Submission Type: NDC Language: Chinese Size: 1MB First/中国落实国家自主贡献成效和新目标新举措.pdf

Foreword The Lima Call for Climate Action (Decision 1/CP.20)1 reiterated the invitation to all … 17 2 Acronyms BAU Business As Usual CAREI China Association of Rural Energy Industry CBO …
Author: Lesotho Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/Lesotho's INDC Report - September 2015.pdf

Lao People's Democratic Republic Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) 09 March 2021 Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION …
Author: Lao People's Democratic Republic Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB People's Democratic Republic First/NDC 2020 of Lao PDR (English), 09 April 2021 (1).pdf

region of SIDS (Africa, Indian and South China Sea), due to its island characteristics, with …
Author: Guinea-Bissau Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 429KB First/GUINEA-BISSAU_INDC_Version to the UNFCCC (eng).pdf

to economic growth partly due to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have been taken …
Author: Pakistan Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/Pak-INDC.pdf

1 SOMALIA'S INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTIONS (INDCs) State Minister for Environment, Office of the Prime Minister and Line Ministries and Ministry of Planning Federal …
Author: Somalia Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/Somalia's INDCs.pdf

NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION OF the RUSSIAN FEDERATION as part of the implementation of the Paris Agreement of December 12, 2015 Content 1. Targets to limit greenhouse gas …
Author: Russian Federation Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 287KB Federation First/NDC_RF_eng.pdf