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S-84 - Austrian NAMA Initiative


Information on Support Available

  • A Source of Support
    • A.1Support title

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      A.2Support description

      The Austrian NAMA Initiative aims to identify NAMAs to be supported in selected countries for preparation and implementation. These NAMAs will contribute to (i) decrease greenhouse gas emissions, (ii) foster sustainable development and (iii) build capacity in the host countries.

      The three main pillars of the initiative are:

      1. Country Focus
      The focus of the initiative is African countries and SIDS but not exclusively. Proposals on NAMAs from outside these focus areas may be considered as well.

      2. Scope of the Initiative
      NAMAs supported under the initiative should be structured according to the following phases:

      Phase 1 - Conceptual design and preparation: During this phase, the NAMA will be prepared under close coordination with host country strategies, supported by technical assistance. Crediting under a potential future carbon market mechanism shall be part of the analysis.

      Phase 2 - Piloting: Under the second phase, NAMAs will be piloted to gain first-hand experience for further replication and up-scaling through additional funding by other donors, financing institutions and the private sector.

      Priority measures under the initiative
      NAMA activities, including projects and programmes, that foster access to sustainable energy, should be at the core of the initiative, in order to promote the implementation  of small-scale renewable and energy-efficient technologies (such as small hydropower, wind parks of limited size, energy-efficient lighting), as well as, household-centred or community-based technologies (PV panels, solar-thermal installations, efficient cook stoves, and others).

       Additional information will be announced separately on a dedicated website of the Initiative.

      A.4Government entity providing the resources
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  • B Organization channelling the resources
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  • C Currency
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  • D Support available
    • D.1Support available for
      D.1.1Regional scope

      D.1.2Comments (provide further details on regional scope)
      Focus of the Austrian NAMA Initiative is on African countries and SIDS.
      Proposals from outside the focus area may be considered as well.
      D.1.3Target country (in any)
      D.2.1Amount of Financial support
      Conversion to USD: 1,293,661
      D.2.2Maximum amount of Financial support per NAMA

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      Conversion to USD: 646,831
      D.2.3Type of required Financial support

      D.2.4Comments on Financial support
      Financial support provided through the NAMA Initiative is delivered in the form of grants, which serve to mobilise additional funding, including in particular private investment and (concessional) loans from financing institutions. An overall support volume up to € 500,000 is foreseen per NAMA activity.
      D.3.1Amount of Technological support
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      D.3.2Maximum amount of Technological support per NAMA

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      D.3.3Type of Technology

      D.3.4Comments on Technological support
      D.4.1Amount of Capacity Building support
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      D.4.2Maximum amount of Capacity Building support per NAMA

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      D.4.3Type of Capacity Building support

      D.4.4Comments on Capacity Building support

      The Austrian NAMA Initiative will provide funding for technical assistance and capacity building for building up the relevant institutional and regulatory capacities in eligible countries in the context of the supported NAMA activities.

  • E Types of action that may be supported
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      E.2Type of action

  • F Process for the provision of support
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