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Page 1 of 38 INDIA’S INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION: WORKING TOWARDS CLIMATE JUSTICE “Om dyauh śāntir antariksam śāntih prithvi śāntih āpah śāntih osadhayah śāntih …
Author: India Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/INDIA INDC TO UNFCCC.pdf

1 PAKISTAN’S INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION (PAK-INDC) Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. National Context of Pakistan 1.1 Introduction 1.2 National Context 1.3 …
Author: Pakistan Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/Pak-INDC.pdf

Page 1 REPUBLIC OF MALAWI INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION 1 Introduction 1.1 National Circumstances Malawi is a land-locked and densely populated country located in …
Author: Malawi Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 211KB First/MALAWI INDC SUBMITTED TO UNFCCC REV.pdf

FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA Page 1 Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ethiopia intends to limit its net …
Author: Ethiopia Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 447KB First/INDC-Ethiopia-100615.pdf

1 NIGERIA’S INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION 1. National Context In 2014, Nigeria became the largest economy in sub-Sahara Africa. Nigeria is a lower middle income …
Author: Nigeria Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 459KB First/Approved Nigeria's INDC_271115.pdf

Morocco – Nationally Determined Contribution to the UNFCCC 1 MOROCCO NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION UNDER THE UNFCCC Introduction Morocco’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC …
Author: Morocco Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 1MB First/Morocco First NDC-English.pdf

1 Informal translation. For the authoritative version, please refer to the Spanish version published on the UNFCCC website. INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTION FROM THE …
Author: Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 1MB (Plurinational State of) First/INDC-Bolivia-english.pdf

Burkina Faso September 2015 Framework contract No 2015-AC-001-15DDU0C006-CPDN-Support Facility-Burkina Faso Page ii Table of Contents Section 1. Introduction … 30 List of figures Figure 1 …
Author: Burkina Faso Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 1MB Faso First/INDC Burkina_ENG. version_finale.pdf

1 SOMALIA'S INTENDED NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTIONS (INDCs) State Minister for Environment, Office of the Prime Minister and Line Ministries and Ministry of Planning Federal …
Author: Somalia Submission Type: NDC Language: English Size: 1MB First/Somalia's INDCs.pdf

REPUBLIC OF CHAD UNITY – WORK – PROGRESS Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC … Priority sectors: water, agriculture/agroforestry, livestock and fishing > Priority target …
Author: Chad Submission Type: Translation Language: English Size: 232KB First/INDC Chad_Official version_English.pdf