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To upload an INDC click “New Document(s)”.

Click “Browse” to browse and select file(s). Click “OK” to upload the selected file(s). In order to protect your documents from unauthorized changes, we suggest you to upload them as PDF documents or saved MS word documents as “read only”.

Click “Submit” to submit the selected documents for publication. All files will be stored in the system.

Once your INDC has been submitted you will receive an automated notification. Please note that the publication of your INDC submission on the UNFCCC website might take up to one working day.

Note: If the INDC is submitted on behalf of a group of Parties, this can be indicated in text box below, by starting with “on behalf of” and followed by the name of the Parties/group of Parties.

INDC Submission

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If this submission is made on behalf of a group of Parties/organizations, please enter below the exact text:


There is no call for submission info given. Please contact to administrator.